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Kerapanel® KeraTwin façade panels

ABL-Laatat - Kerapanel - KeraTwin

Kerapanel® KeraTwin façade panels for façade cladding includes variety of surfaces, colours and sizes, as well as customisable properties.

Architecturally diverse façade material with a huge selection of different ceramic panels in standard heights from 15 to 60cm and up to 180cm in length. You can tailor the colours, surfaces, and sizes project-specifically, or choose from standard solutions. A wide palette of harmoniously compatible colours complemented by contrasting tones. On request, the tiles are available with self-cleaning Hytect coating.

The rear-ventilated façade cladding is easy and efficient to install. Under our façade references, you will find numerous sites implemented using ceramic panels – ask us for a quote on your site.

Benefits of Kerapanel - KeraTwin façade panels 

Design freedom. A wide range of surface patterns, shapes, sizes, and colours. The opportunity to tailor façade ceramics to your project. 

Protects and breathes. The rear-ventilated façade ensures protection against all weather conditions. The air cushion created between the wall structures and façade surface prevents energy loss in cold weather and keeps the indoor climate pleasant in the summer heat. The moisture leaving the building is evaporated into the air, which means that the structure can breathe and stay intact. 

Easy to install. In façade renovation, the ceramic façade system is easy to install onto old structures. If necessary, single tiles can easily be replaced. 

Cost savings over the life cycle. As a long-lived solution, a ceramic façade system will pay off through maintenance freedom and energy savings related to heating and air conditioning costs. 

Retention of material colour and shape. Firing at over 1,200°C ensures that time, variations in weather conditions, and UV radiation will not wear out the ceramic tile surface. The colour and shape are not affected. An advantage of ceramics is minimal moisture and thermal expansion (<1mm/1m). Good mechanical durability. 

First-rate fire safety. Our ceramic façade products are class A1 non-combustible materials. In case of a fire at the real estate, the products will not ignite or emit hazardous chemicals. 

The sizes and surfaces of façade panels can be tailored individually and project-specifically.



Smooth façade panel

KeraTwin K20 positiivinen uraprofiili

Positiivinen uraprofiililankku

KeraTwin julkisivulaatta raidoitettu kuvio

Raidallinen kuvio - julkisivulankku

KeraTwin julkisivulaatta uritettu

Uritettu julkisivulankku

KeraTwin julkisivulaatta Shed profiili

Shed profiili

KeraTwin julkisivulaatta pintaharjattu

Pintaharjattu julkisivulankku

KeraTwin julkisivulaatta siniaalto

Siniaaltopinta - julkisivulankku

KeraTwin julkisivulaatta New Wave

New Wave 3D-muoto julkisivulankku

Kerapanel KeraTwin K20 façade panel sizes

Quality DIN EN 14411, group Alla, glazed/unglazed (GL/UGL), from small to large tiles, thickness 20mm, 32kg/m2. Breaking strength ≥ 3300N. Length up to 1,800mm (in 1mm steps) 


image description

Julkisivulankun pituus 

900 mm asti

1200 mm asti

1500 mm asti

1800 mm asti

Julkisivulankun korkeus

150 mm 175 mm

200 mm 225 mm

250 mm 275 mm

300 mm 325 mm
350 mm 375 mm
400 mm 500 mm
550 mm 600 mm


ABL-Laatat - Kerapanel - KeraTwin julkisivulankkujen kokoja





Kerapanel lankku - KeraTwin -järjestelmän kiinnitysrangat ovat suunniteltu julkisivulaattojen nopeaan ja helppoon asennukseen.

Julkisivulankun taustassa on kiinnitysura ja kiinnitysrangassa koukut. Lankun asennus ei vaadi erillisiä työkaluja tai liimoja. Vapaa asennusjärjestys, laattoja voi myös jättää asennuksessa välistä. Yksittäisen laatan saa vaihdettua ilman erikoistyökaluja tai ympäröivien laattojen irrottamista. Rangassa on valmiina mekaaninen jousi, joka estää laatan tärinän tuulessa. Rangassa on integroituna lankun irtoamisen estävä klipsi. Järjestelmä kestää kovia tuulikuormia ja estää ilkivaltaisen lankkujen repimisen. Laattojen sivuttaisliike estetään mekaanisesti joko pystysauman kokonaan sulkevalla saumalistalla tai avosauman jättävällä saumavälikkeellä. Saumalista on mahdollista saada laatan sävyyn polttomaalattuna.

Kerapanel - KeraTwin K20 system profile

Used for façade panel stack bonding, i.e., the vertical joints are aligned. In the same stack, panels of different height can be used. Low mounting profile on top of aluminium T profile. Allows lateral adjustment in connection with frame installation. Screw fastening under each hook. 

ABL-Laatat Kerapanel julkisivulankku - KeraTwin jarjestelmaprofiili


Kerapanel - KeraTwin K20 T profile

The façade panels are stack bonded, in which case the vertical joints are aligned. Façade panels of different height may be present in the same stack. K20 mounting hooks directly to the T profile. The installation process is quick, but requires precision. No lateral adjustment in connection with frame installation. Available with fixed joint strip.

ABL-Laatat Kerapanel julkisivulankku - keratwin k20-t-profiili

Kerapanel - KeraTwin K20 Omega profile

Suitable for stack bonding of façade panels. In the same stack, panels of different height can be used. K20 mounting hooks directly to the cap profile. Quick, cost-effective suspension of façade cladding. The back frame does not restrict the distribution of vertical panel joints. Available in 20mm and 50mm standard heights; other heights are available on request. Can be mounted directly on the surface of metal-wool-metal sandwich elements.

Kerapanel lankku - KeraTwin Omega-profiili

Kerapanel - KeraTwin K20 Omega V profile

Suitable for irregular bonding of façade panels. In the same stack, panels of different height and length can be used. The back frame does not restrict the distribution of vertical panel joints.Kerapanel lankku - KeraTwin Omega V-profiili

Kerapanel - KeraTwin K20 Omega S profile

Used for vertical tile installations in case of large tiles with a tile area of more than 0.675m2. In the same stack, panels of different width can be used. K20 mounting hooks directly to the cap profile.

Kerapanel lankku - KeraTwin Omega S-profiili

Kerapanel - KeraTwin K20 horizontal installation with hook fastening system

Used for vertical, horizontal, and diagonal tile installation if tile area is less than 0.675m2. Allows bevelled and suspended ceiling installation. In the same stack, panels of different length or of different width can be used. Also suitable for irregular bonding. A mechanical spring integrated with the hook prevents panel clatter. Affordable material costs and possibility to replace individual panels. 

Kerapanel lankku - KeraTwin hakaskiinnitysjärjestelmä

Kerapanel KeraTwin K20 façade panel system’s mounting frames are designed for quick and easy panel installation. There is a holding groove on the reverse side of the façade panel and hooks on the mounting frame. No special tools or adhesives are required for mounting the façade panels. The installation order is free; panels may also be skipped during installation. Single panels can be replaced without special tools or removal of adjacent panels. 

A mechanical spring integrated with the frame prevents panel clatter in the wind. The frame is provided with an integrated clip to prevent panel detachment. The system withstands high wind loads and is resistant to vandalism. Lateral movement of the panels is mechanically prevented either by a joint strip completely covering the vertical joint or by a joint spacer leaving an open joint. Joint strips are available powder-coated to the panel colour.