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Furniture cladding

ABL-Laatat clad and line furniture with ceramics.

We clad and line furniture with ceramics. Ceramic materials only 3-6mm thick can be used to provide existing furniture with cladding, enclosures, coatings, and multidimensional effects.

Clad and line furniture with uniform ceramic surface coating. On-site installation is easy, since we pre-cut the tiles to the size required and take care of the necessary penetrations and finishes. Several product series include thin and uniform ceramic tile surfaces that can be used to create spectacular claddings.

At our ABL Cutting Studio, we have produced sales counters and store furniture, sink furniture, drawers, door claddings, tables, and numerous other furniture coating solutions. Leave a contact request and we will provide planning and implementation assistance for your project.

Furnishing & design

Ceramic slabs withstand machining as long as the tools and working methods are correct. With large ceramic surfaces it's easy to decorate and furnish.

The dry-pressed, digitally printed ceramic slab enables very detailed and precise patterns as well as natural surface textures. Use for walls, floors and furniture indoors and outdoors, in private homes and public spaces.

Resistant to wear and tear. Suitable for commercial spaces, hotels, restaurants as well as a busy transport terminals and boutiques.

Easy to keep clean. Needs only wiping, no maintenance and surface treatments.