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ABL-Laatat Tile Store and Office

Kirkonkyläntie 103
00740 Helsinki
Tileshop phone. (09) 350 87090
Office phone. (09) 350 8700

Tile store open hours Office open hours
Mon–Fri from 8-17 Mon–Fri from 8–16
Sat 10-15  
Special openin hours for Christmas:
6.12. closed 
22.12 closed
24.-26.12 closed
31.12 open 08-14:00

*Please notice that on Sa­tur­days our wa­re­house is closed, all de­li­ve­ries and pic­kups are pos­sible only during the ope­ning times of wa­re­house between Mon-Fri from 8-17. 

Our skil­led staff are here to help you with Your ques­tions. You can also book a per­so­nal mee­ting by cal­ling us or sen­ding us email. Open for eve­ry­one, our ti­les­hop covers three floors and over 1500 squa­re­me­ters. From here You find both ins­tock-pro­ducts as well as other col­lec­tions. In our tile store you can also find all of our special offers and outlet-pro­ducts.


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abl-laatat myyjät

Wa­re­house and Cutting Studio

Kirkonkyläntie 101
00740 Helsinki
Phone. (09) 350 8700
Warehouse email: abl(at)
Cutting Studio email: leik­kaa­mo(at)

Warehouse open hours Cutting studio open hours
Mon–fri from 8-17 Open by appointment
Special openin hours for Christmas:
6.12. closed 
24.-26.12 closed
31.12 open 08-14:00


ABL-Laatat / Tampere region business to business sales

Verstaankatu 7 Li 5
33100 Tampere

Area Manager Kari Niilivuo
Puh. +358 (0)40 746 77 35

Tampere business to business sales  

Open by appointment only



ABL-Laatat is among the strongest companies in Finland with highest credit rating.