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As Oy Meri-Kamppi, Helsinki

ABL-Laatat - referenssit - julkisivusaneeraus - julkisivu korjaus - julkisivuremontti as oy meri-kamppi helsinki

The apartment building in Kamppi, Helsinki, built in 1981, underwent an incredible transformation. The yellowish facades were thoroughly renovated and ceramic facade panels were chosen as the new facade material.

The housing association had commissioned a condition inspection in 2012, which revealed that the proximity to the seashore had done its job and the façade elements were not in good condition anymore.

Renovation project was large: As Oy Meri-Kamppi is a one-block housing company with almost 250 apartments and commercial premises.

The end result is a new, fresh and long-lasting ceramic façade.
Material: KeraTwin K20