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Restaurant Ora, Helsinki

Kokemuksia suurlaatasta: - Suurlaatta on ollut käytössä erinomainen, hyvä lämmönkestävyys, pesuominaisuudet ja ulkonäkö! kehuu Sasu Laukkonen

ABL-Laatat ceramic tile were chosen for Restaurant Ora, founded by chef Sasu Laukkonen.

- Restaurant Ora is a leap forward from the previous one, Chef & Sommelier. Finnishness, pride in it and Finnish ingredients, the restaurant's founder and chef Sasu Laukkonen shares his thoughts behind Ora.

The 1-Michelin-star restaurant has received top reviews and praise for its great menu. The themes sought for the interior and the restaurant are Finland, handicrafts - a combination of wood and stone.

Ceramic large tiles were chosen as countertops and wall material for the kitchen of Ora Restaurant. The large format tiles were chosen for the restaurant because Laukkonen had fallen in love with them on the premises of his home.

- I first bought a ceramic kitchen counter for my home. One of my best investments.

Wow Hexa Side tiles were chosen for the toilet in the restaurant’s public areas. Impressive tiles make even a small space look playful and interesting.

And has Laukkonen been satisfied with the ceramic tiles he has chosen?
- Very much. The large tile has been excellent in use, good heat resistance, washing properties and appearance!