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Services for business clients at our Tampere and Helsinki showrooms. ABL-Laatat tile shop is open to everyone on weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm.

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Can't find the kind of tile you would need for your project? Let us know what you are looking for, and our experts will find it for you.

We have tens of thousands of ceramic tiles in our collections. Let us do the work for you to find the perfect one for you amongs them all. Tell us what kind of tile your are looking for, and we will find it for you! With the years of experience from the field, we can also give you advices on the right tiling adhesives and tiling guidance. Save your own time and let us do the work! Trus us, we are experts.

You can attach ideas or floor plans to the contact form for our professionals to see. We are here for you. Get us busy!

We have tiles for every project

Yksilölliset palvelut ja räätälöidyt mallistot asuntotuotantoon, toimitiloihin, ravintoloihin, marketteihin, putiikkeihin, hotelleihin, kylpylöihin, koteihin, julkisiin tiloihin, julkisivuihin.

Mittatilaustöitä tuottava ABL-Leikkaamomme toteuttaa pinnat custom projekteihin, julkisiin tiloihin ja yksityiskoteihin.

Olemme apunasi projektissasi suunnitteluvaiheesta toteutukseen. Laaja valikoima, laadukkaat tuotteet ja oheistarvikkeet, varastoinnin ja logistiikan palvelut ovat jokainen osaltaan varmistamassa projektisi onnistumista.