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Large Format Tiles

Floorgres Industrial Steel Casa Dolce Casa Stones & More Burl Gray Casa Dolce Casa Stones & More Burl White Casa Dolce Casa Stones & More Zecevo Casa Dolce Casa Stones & More Marfil Casa Dolce Casa Stones & More Calacatta Floorgres Walks 1.0 Gray Floorgres Walks 1.0 White Floorgres Styletech/ Style 05 Wood Floorgres Styletech/ Style 04 Wood Floorgres Styletech/ Style 03 Wood Floorgres Styletech/ Style 02 Wood Floorgres Styletech/ Style 01 Wood Floorgres Styletech/ Style 02 metal Floorgres Styletech/ Style 03 metal Floorgres Styletech/ Style 01 metal Floorgres Reverse Zinc Floorgres Reverse Steel Floorgres Reverse Bone Floorgres Industrial Sage Floorgres Industrial Moka Floorgres Industrial Taupe Floorgres Industrial Ivory Floorgres Industrial Plomb Rex Selection Oak Black Rex Selection Oak Brown Rex Selection Oak Amber Rex Selection Oak Gray Rex Selection Oak Cream Rex Pietra Del Nord Nero Rex Pietra Del Nord Grigio Rex Pietra Del Nord Bianco Rex La Roche Ecru Rex La Roche Grey Rex La Roche Blanc Rex Alabastri di Rex Ambra Casamood "Materia" Project Project 01 Casamood "Materia" Project Project 02 Casamood "Materia" Project Project 03 Casamood "Materia" Project Project 04 Casamood "Materia" Project Project 05

Ceramic tiles in sizes up to 320x160 cm with varying thicknesses. Large format tiles offer many purposes of use; from private homes to public areas, magnificent facades, architecture and interior design. Below are some of the products from our selection, some in stock and some with delivery times. Please contact us for more information about large format tiles and our selection!

Large Format Tiles
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