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ABL Sockel System® Facade Solution

20 mm Thick Facade Tiles

ABL Sockel System® brings a wide range of high quality facade tiles to Finnish construction. The selection of colors and sizes enables individual facade architecture. Are you planning a facade renovation or a long-lasting and impressive facade solution for a new project? Contact us, ABL-Laatat has decades of know-how and experience in facade construction, as well as high-quality products delivered reliably to your facade project. We have delivered more than 300,000 m2 of ceramic facade tiles to Finland.

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Why choose ABL Sockel System® facade tile for your project?

ABL Sockel System ceramic facade tiles are 20 mm thick porcellanato tiles and their technical properties are great for scandinavian weather conditions. Fired in a kiln at 1200-1400 C° until it reaches a compact, hard and non-porous body. Complete water-proofing. They are frost-resistant, non-combustible and has exceptional great resistance. Freedom of design: ABL Sockel System tiles have a comprehensive range of colors and sizes to choose from: concrete tile, wood tile, granite tile, terrazzo tile or stone tile and project-specific tile patterns help to implement an individual facade solution. Ventilated facade system allows the exchange of the air contained between the wall and the outer cladding.

ABL Sockel System® Sizes and Colors

Facade tiles are cut into dimensionally accurate sizes for your project: 30x60cm / 60x60cm / 40x80cm / 60x90 cm / 45x90cm / 40x120cm and 60x120cm. Also miter tiles for every size, as well as, of course, project-specific customizations possible.

ABL Sockel System - sokkelilaatta julkisivulaatta 20 mm kuivapuristelaatta
ABL Sockel System® facade tiles for all types of projects: renovation and development.


ABL Sockel System julkisivu laatta julkisivu remontti ja uudiskohteet
ABL Sockel System®.