Let us help your work!

Let us help your work!
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Ceramic countertop

Durable, ecological and good looking. All you need from your countertop is here.

Ceramic countertops are the best solution, for both private and public space, when you are looking fo something that is easy to maintain and lasts time. 

ABL ceramic countertops are always made in Finland, in our own cutting studio. We cut every single countertop individually for every project, making sure all of them meet our high standards. To find ut more, read out our Cutting Services prochure (only in finish).

We have also made some examples below to see, ask us for more information and special requests. We are open to any ideas! 

1. Simple kitchen layout with countertop and backslash

Keraaminen suurlaatta, keittiön työtaso,   I-keittiö, statuarietto

One piece countertop with sink and stove fitted, tap place of a 35Ø, edge finishes and materials starting from 1 700€ (including VAT 24%). sekä materiaalit alkaen 1700€. The material in photo above is Statuarietto. All countertops are delivered ready for installation on top of the furniture. Sinks are fitted to the countertop at our studio. 

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2. L shaped kitchen with countertop and backslash



Custom countertops can be made for any type of a kitchen, or other space. We can also make ceramic sinks from the same material as used in the countertops (or othyer colour if that fits your taste). Above top image material (with ceramic sink) is Calacatta Black, bottom image material is made with Diamond Cream. L shaped kitchen with sink and stove fitted, bartop finishes, tap space of a 35Ø and other finishes plus all the materials together starting from 2 500€ (including VAT 24%).

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3. Kitchen island and countertop + backslash

   keraaminen työtaso, saareke, marquina

As well as countertops, also kitchen islands or other free standing fixtures can be made with ceramic countertops. You can also choose to make the ends of the island with ceramic, all the edges can be finished with miltered joints making the end result clean and sharp. Kitchen with countertop, backslpash and kitchen island with sink and stove fitted, tap space of a 35Ø, other finishes and materials starting from 3 200€ (includin VAT 24%). The material in the image above is Marquina Black matt.

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Ordering a ceramic countertop

ABL Cutting studio has been making art with ceramic since 2013. We continue to produce over 1 000 countertops a year. With our craftmanship and great care, we make sure to make every item with quality and care. These custom pieces are measured and priced individually to fit all the unique needs.

-  After you have the measurements for your chosen fixtures, ask us an offer
-  You'll receive an written offer from us to approve. We ask you also to send us checked measurements. Inside Finlands metropolitan area you can also ask for a check up measuring throught us.
-  The time from approved measurements to ready made countertops is approximately3 weeks. We can deliver everywhere inside Finland. Inside Finlands metropolitan area, you can also order installation through us. We also provide instructions for any professional to install our countertops with ease.   

ABL-countertop colour range

We have all of our colours in stock to ensure fast delivery times. Visit us or order colour samples.

ABL-Laatat- suurlaatat varasto sävyvalikoima