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Let us help your work!
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Poiminnat 2021

Our novelties, classics and inspiring ceramic tiles.

Poiminnat is a passion project full of carefully hand picked tile novelties and classics that crystallize something essential about our time. Tiles that we hope will evoke feelings and thoughts. They don’t have to be taken literally, they can be the starting point for your own choices. We hope you get new ideas, joy and inspiration for your design work!

Poiminnat 2021 is a journey of imagination, the scenes of which were born of dreams, hopes and longing for other people, at a time when the world is again open and full of opportunities. Embark on an adventure on the pages of the brochure, let the colors, joy and courage lead you to your own picks. Enjouy your journey!


"Can you hear me? What is this.. did I disconnect? Day 103 in this circus. I am the circus director, who smells like baked bread all the time and keeps stammering in the conference calls. The whole universe has shrunk inside my kitchen. At night when I close my eyes I can still dream. Then I am someone else, in some other life. #peopleathome.
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Friday Lunch.

Confit is so juicy I spill some on my silk shirt. I'm in a restaurant again. How are you sweethear? I missed you so much! Can't stop touching you. Let's have a glass of wine, or two. It's friday afterall. I can see that this night will end on the dancefloor. I want to hug everyone that walks by. #tgif
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I reveal my skin. Warmth and silence. I don't need anything else. I've dreamt of this luxury for so long. I'm so relaxed I get a bit mischevious.
I might sing ”Day O!” really loud. Can I jump right into this spa pool? My spa companion gives me a chilled gaze. Can they hear my thoughts? #zen

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Mallorca.. Madrid.. Madagascar.. Mumbai.. Maarianhamina… where am I going? Do I have my passport in my bag? How about the vaccinations, are they ok? I don't even know why I am here – who misses these early flights and airport conferences. This has to be a dream. I'm glad I put my pants on.
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I can feel the swelter and the rhythm coming through the city, that sparkling joy catches me. I wanna give in to it's sedcution.
I dance here all by myself, one-a-two. It doesn't matter that my steps get twisted. I wonder if I can order a sambashaker from room service?
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Fortune teller.

”Look darling your lucky stone is marble. It will bring good luck and inspiration to your life. Carry it carefully. You see, there's powerful energies flowing through the universe.
Do you see colorful dreams? Yes exactly – it is a sign that better times lie ahead.

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Download: #Poiminnat2021 brochure (PDF). Poiminnat continues in our showrooms and social media. Follow us on Instagram @abllaatat #poiminnat2021