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Finnish-Italian cooperation


As most of the young people living in Modena, also Pier Medici used to earn his living as a student by working the summers in one of the many tile factories in the area. During the long days by the stoves, Pier sometimes started to wonder about the deeper meanings of his works.

-  I sometimes played with the idea of where all of the tiles I made ended up in. I also thought that could there be anything more boring than tiles. 

Since then, he has changed his thoughts completely. After spending many years in the industry, and now  as an independent tile agent, Pier often finds himself talking about ceramic tiles passionaltely for hours.

- It's such an interesting world! I never get tired of the topic. He says.

One big family

This Italian is often find wodering around  ABL business premises. And no wonder, as this Italian-Finnish collaboration has already lasted for 12 years, making sure that Pier visits Finland regurarly. From the outside it's easy to see the warm realtionship, as Pier walks inside the ABL company as part of the family. 

- We truly are like one big family. I never get tired of wondering how open-minded they are towards everything new. They are far away from being closeminded and conservative, Pier compliments ABL.

- They were the first ones to believe in the magnum tiles. They have seen a great amount of work making magnum tiles known troughout the field. They truly are pioneers in this industry, he adds.

As the speech turns to the magnum tiles, PIer Medici gets excited. The whole industry has gone trought a massive convulsion in just few years. The new technology has enabled the manufacturing of huge, even three meters long ceramic tiles. The tiling of vast areas has never been as quick, easy - or as visually impressive- as it is now. And it doesn't end there.

- Magnum ceramic tiles are now 6mm thick, but already this year we will be able to manufacture tiles that are 12mm thick and can be used as a table top as they are. Pier highlights. 

The Nordic taste

The Nordic countries are Pier Medici's ground, he knows that what sells in other parts in Europe, won't neccessarily get the Nordics excited. 

- In the central and Southern Europe woood-imitation ceramic tiles are the big thing at the moment, however the Nordics prefer still the stone-looking ceramis. 

Pier reminisces the time, when every Italian architect used to prefer natural stones to ceramis. Although, in the past few years he has started to see a change in this. 

- Achitects have started to realise that ceramic tiles are easy to care, sustainable - and in the matter of fact very ecological. The manufacturing process has suprisingly small impact to the nature, much smaller than the mining of natural stones, Pier emphasizes.

The future material

As well as new construction projects, ceramic tiles are also taking over the facade choises for renovation projects.

- Traditionally concrete has had a big role in the nordic way of building. Now that the building's made in the 60's or 70's are being renovated, resurfacing tends to be made more often with ceramic tiles, Pier tells.

Finns have also tended to use concrete outside as garden tiles, however ceramic tiles have shown to have better qualities in there too. 

- For an example, the new 2 cm thick ceramic tiles for outside-use are extremely easy to lay and to take care of. And most importantly they look good! I believe that they will be the trend of the future, Pier adds.