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Bespoke solution: Piazza on a Cruise Ship


Making unique tile design solutions possible.

Costa Smeralda is the flagship of Costa Cruises and it was built by Meyer Turku. Italian design is displayed throughout the cruise ship: ABL Finland’s partner from Italy Ceramiche Caesar created and delivered the bespoke marble effect floor for the unique cruise ship piazza. The floor consists of 400 unique pieces and 2800 curved pieces in two colors, Anima Select Bianco Arabesco and Anima Dark Emperador.

Costa Smeralda marmoriefekti lattia mittatilaus ABL-Laatat CaesarTech.
Costa Smeralda - Piazza Trastevere during installation. Picture: CaesarTech

Making the architects' vision come true is CaesarTech - the Ceramiche Caesar department created for designers’ companies and private customers to assist them chose the best technical and aesthetic solutions of porcelain stoneware flooring and cladding. We discussed the Costa Smeralda project with Architect Nicola Zuccoli from CaesarTech:

“In terms of design this was quite a unique project to be honest, but in terms of technical the process I can say it was a sort of standard for us. The steps we have to follow must be very precise and clear, the method is the key. We focus on every detail no matter the dimension of the project in terms of quantity and budget. For the CTS office, customization and bespoke solutions have become a standard so far.”

ABL-Laatat risteilyalukset laivat laatat mittatilaus CaesarTech.
Two weeks of engineering and three weeks to produce a bespoke floor solution / pictures CaesarTech

Finding the Best Solution

Costa Smeralda is a tribute to Italy. All the names of the decks and public areas are inspired by iconic Italian locations. At first the round shaped piazza was specified to be covered with authentic marble. Through mutual understanding it was changed to porcelain stoneware.

“In this specific case, as the design of the round area was already accepted by the designers and the client, our biggest challenge was to achieve those particular curved geometries. With our product it is possible to get the same curved geometry but in 9 mm thickness instead of 15 to 20 mm typical for marble. And for this specific project, a cruise ship, you can easily understand that reducing the total weight of some of the materials is very important.”


ABL-Laatat Costa Smeralda laivateollisuus laatat mittatilaus marmoriefekti.
Piazza Trastevere floor consists of 400 unique pieces and 2800 curved pieces in two colors,
Anima Select Bianco Arabesco and Anima Dark Emperador by Ceramiche Caesar.

When the final proposal got the green light it only took two weeks of engineering and three weeks of production to produce the bespoke tiles.

“The key was the continuous dialogue between all parties involved in the project. We had the chance to demonstrate that these sorts of unusual designs are possible. If we consider the concept we started from and the final result I think that we all did a great job.”

  “This was a great example of a perfect collaboration between various companies and all parties from different countries.  It was clear from the beginning that all persons involved in this project wanted to obtain the best in term of service, quality and the final result. Seeing the images of the completed floor we think that we all achieved these aspects.” - Nicola Zuccoli, Architect, CaesarTech

Well Organized Puzzle

The original specification consisted of two marbles, one with a white background and grey veining and the other with a browner shade. Perfect stoneware porcelain options were found in the Caesar Anima collection.

“The full order consisted of about 2800 curved pieces in more than 400 unique shapes in  two colors; Anima Select Bianco Arabesco and Anima Dark Emperador. All the pieces were numbered after the waterjet cutting process with a letter and a number in order to distinguish every single piece. Each tile had a specific position in the floor layout.”

Mittatilaus laivateollisuus pintamateriaali laatat Costa Smeralda ABL-Laatat.
CaesarTech created a way to pack the tiles so that it was easy for the installer to understand where to lay each piece in their specific slot.

All of the tiles were produced and cut in Italy. CaesarTech created a way to pack the tiles so that it was easy for the installer to understand where to lay each piece in their specific slot. All within budget and in the given timeframe.

“We also designed a bespoke packing list and packaging as we had to split the overall floor in consecutive section in relation to the installation process we received from the company involved in the project.”

Are you interested in a bespoke solution? Pleas contact us, we’ll tell you more!

ABL-Laatat costa smeralda caesartech mittatilaus laatat

Costa Smeralda facts:

Delivery: October 2019 / Flag: Italy.
Length: 337m. Width: 42 m. Draught max: approx. 8.8 m. Gross Tonnage: 183,900.
Passenger cabins: 2610. Total passengers: approx. 6554.