information 16.3: all showrooms closed for security of our customers & workers


The situation we are in at the moment is exceptional to say the least. We at ABL will follow closely all the information given from the coverment as well as THL. The safety of our customers and personnel come first to us, this is why all our showrooms wil be closed until now starting from 17.3. Please be in contact with us via email and phone (09) 350 8700

All of our showrooms at Kirkonkyläntie, ABL Lab and Tampere will be closed until further notice. We have also changed our way to work to make sure we can all work as safe as possible. This also means that our cutting studio will be closed from customers and our warehouse will guide all customers on how to handle the products coming and going with the new safety issues taken care of.

We will follow the situation and update all of our information when needed. We promise to try serve you the best as we can in this situation. Let's take care of each others and stay safe!