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MOW Supernova, Tampere

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Retrofuturistic MOW is a new, communal workspace concept. MOW's hub in Ratina, Tampere, was opened in November 2018.

“The starting point for the design was interesting: how to combine MOW’s future of work concept with its space references with the aesthetics of old car import house. We created a retrofuturistic theme and the end result is an interesting mix of the new and the futuristic as well as the old and the retro, ”says Roosa Riski, CEO of Mint & More Creative.

“We wanted the spaces to be experiential and memorable, so a lot of unique, customized solutions were made in the design. An example is the toilets, which were made surprising and as approachable as possible for all people: the supernova has a space themed toilet open to everyone downstairs and color-coded toilets for girl and boy astronauts upstairs. ”

Galactic atmosphere

The galactic atmosphere of the space-themed toilet is created by black tiles and Sopro glitter seams - by the way, MOW has utilized bold colors and ingenious solutions for ceramic tiles.

Roosa Riski says that inspiration was drawn from the bold color worlds of Wes Anderson’s films.

“Tile decisions were made based on colors. The retrofuturistic look of the upstairs toilets was created by combining bold retro colors with futuristic light mirrors. The surprise is added by the fact that each toilet cubicle is tiled in a different color and there is an art poster that matches the colors in each cubicle. The ceramic colordop floor tile is on point because you can find suitably selected shades in small color chips. ”