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Apteekkari SKY roof top terrace, Kuopio

Kattoterassi keraamiset pihalaatat Buzon tukijaloille asennettuna. Kuopio Apteekkari Sky Bar.

Kuopio's first large restaurant roof topt terrace, Apteekkari Sky, offers a summer oasis where you can enjoy the sunshine. From above you can see far over the city.

The floor of the roof top terrace is made with ABL-Laatat Vibe Rovere Aextra 20 mm exterior tile. Tiles are installed on Buzon pedestals. With Buzon pedestals outdoor tiles can be easily installed even in uneven and sloping areas. They also make it possible to use a larger tile on terraces and balconies where tipping is required.

In the air space between the floor of the balcony or the bottom of the terrace and the tile, for example, outdoor light cables and other technology can be conveniently hidden.