About Us

What once began as a small, three-person family business has grown throughout the years into a company of almost thirty people. This is ABL.

Agrob, Buchtal and Laticrete. The name ABL is an abbreviation of the three tile and mortar manufacturers, which have been a part of ABL’s history from the very beginning. This relationship between importer and manufacturer has grown to be much more than a business relationship - throughout the years the factory representatives and the Forsman family, founders and owners of ABL, have become the best of friends. A family, seated together around a large dining table in the ABL warehouse at Kirkonkyläntie, they share joys, sorrows and holidays.

ABL Finland was founded in 1998. Initially, the company had offices in a house owned by Ralf Forman’s family and employed only one person. The Forsman children Maria, Henri ja Erika grew up surrounded by tiles as the children of a growing family business. A persistent entrepreneurial spirit supported the family and led to the company’s growth and expansion. Today, ABL Finland consists of close to 30 employees, represents over 50 manufacturers and boasts Finland’s largest tile selection.  The company is the nation's leading ceramic swimming pool and facade tile supplier as well as a reliable supplier for architects, developers and construction businesses. Most importantly, ABL still provides for the growing Forsman family.


ABL-Laatat is a Finnish family-owned company. The Forsman family consists of founding members Tina and Ralf and their children Henri (Cutting Studio), Maria (Projects) and Erika (Marketing). Included are the family dogs, Selma and Noppa, who enjoy spending time at the office.

The Tile Shop

Here to help and give advice are our interior sales team Katarina (left), Anu, Marika L, Marika B and Sanna.


Architects and developers are attended to by our capable project team consisting of Harri (up left), Matti, Ville, Toni, Kari, Maria and Annina.

The Office

Our office and ABL’s daily affairs are managed by Ira (2nd left), Jukka, Tanja, Marianne, Sari, Niko and Kerttu. Laura (left) works in the marketing with Erika. Our lovely office dog Selma also in the picture.

The Warehouse

Among the strongest of our team, you will find Kalle (left), Mikos, Tero, Topi, Ville and Teemu in the ABL-warehouse transporting tiles across the premises.

The Cutting Studio

The ABL Cutting Studio is run by Janne (left), Tomi, Tarmo, Kristian, Jere and Tapio. Henri is also working with Cutting Studio. Look at our Cutting Studio's own princess dog Noppa!

And here we are, all of us. Welcome to ABL-Laatat, home of tiles!