Let us help your work!

Let us help your work!
Tell us what kind of tiles your are looking for and we will find them for you!
Let us do the work for you

Please only visit us if you feel healthy. You can contact us via email or phone: abl@abl.fi and (09) 350 8700

About Us

Proficiency, services for professionals and the continual desire to discover something new.

The story of ABL-Laatat begins in 1998. It was sparked from a zest and passion for Finnish architecture. Work has always taken place in the homestead of ABL-Laatat – we have started our mornings across a shared table, toured Finland with tiles in the trunk of our cars, travelled in search of the best tiles in the world and persistently grown the business with the founders Tiina and Ralf Forsman along with their children – all in the midst of tiles.


ABL-Laatat is a Finnish family-owned company. The Forsman family consists of founding members Tina and Ralf and their children Henri (Cutting Studio), Maria (Projects) and Erika (Marketing).

Professionalism, trust, joy and caring have always been in the heart of the family business. We feel that a family business is more than just a shared surname. We are a community of long-term customers, colleagues and suppliers in which the joys, successes and sorrows of everyday life are shared openly. To us, a family business means that we treat our customers like family. It is important that our clients succeed in their projects and can trust us to always do our best.


Architects and developers are attended to by our capable project team consisting of Harri (top left), Matti, Ville, Toni, Kari, Maria.

We have a strong desire to continually discover new trends. We dare to introduce products . We travel, visit international exhibitions and work closely with students to explore where the future of ceramics is headed. Our passion for ceramics is apparent in our selection of hundreds of thousands of products from over 50 suppliers. We are also known for our wide range of swimming pool, façade and large format tiles. In our cutting studio we can realize even the most demanding tailor-made projects.

The Tile Shop

Here to help and give advice are our interior sales team Katarina (left), Anu, Marika L, Marika B and Sanna. They cater to customers in our ABL Shop.

We still feel that even a wide selection of products without professional service is unbeneficial – our asset is the ability to find the most fitting options from our range of products for each individual customer. We know our products and are not afraid to say if a solution is not working. We want to find common solutions and reduce our customers’ workloads, not add to them.

The Office

Our office and ABL’s daily affairs are managed by Ira (2nd left), Jukka, Tanja, Marianne, Sari, Niko and Kerttu. Laura (left) works in the marketing with Erika. Our lovely office dog Selma also in the picture.

The Warehouse

Among the strongest of our team, you will find Kalle (left), Mikos, Tero, Topi, Ville and Teemu in the ABL-warehouse transporting tiles across the premises.

The Cutting Studio

Our cutting studio: Janne, Tomi, Tarmo, Kristian, Jere and Tapio. Henri, and of course Noppa perched on the table, are also involved in the operation of the cutting studio.

Architects, Interior Designers, Professionals, Builders and Renovators - we are here for all of you. You are always welcome to the home of ABL-Laatat!

Did you know? The abbreviation ABL comes from the names of our three first suppliers of tiles and tiling products. It reflects our close ties and friendships – we are more than just business partners.